Recently, I made a trip to Europe and had business meetings in a small town outside of Cologne, Germany called Euskirchen.    Arriving on a Sunday afternoon for all day meetings on Monday and Tuesday, I had a few hours where I could stroll through the city center and observe the city sites and local residents.    I was fortunate enough to stumble into a community concert/show, where children were singing and dancing a variety of songs.    A fortunate chance to see a slice of the local culture.   This was my favorite one. Continue Reading »

One of my favorite TED videos of all time.

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A week ago, it was reported that the city of Philadelphia would begin ticketing pedestrians for texting while walking.  While that report has since been refuted by the city of Philadelphia and offenders will not be ticketed but rather only reminded to be careful,  the conversation and curiosity around the practice of multi-tasking with devices while walking is picking up around the world.   I’ve had a similar curiosity over the past year during my walking commute in downtown San Francisco. Continue Reading »

On a recent trip to Thailand, I noticed this pay phone booth on a street near the famed Grand Palace of Bangkok.   If you look closely, you’ll see that the actual pay phone itself is missing.

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A colleague recently shared this creative presentation on what motivates knowledge professionals at the workplace.  Very thought provoking.

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On September 11, 2010, I added to my blog a post titled The 31 Most Innovative Startups- World Economic Forum’s 2011 Technology Pioneer winners.

Per their website, the Technology Pioneers programme is the World Economic Forum’s way of identifying those companies – normally in a start-up phase or in their first rounds of financing – from around the world that are involved in the most innovative design and development of new technologies. Continue Reading »

Iconic Images: What’s the most epic photo ever taken? 75 answers on Quora

What’s the most epic photo ever taken?

One of the most celebrated new developments in education technology is the Khan Academy.    Founded by Salman Khan, the Khan Academy offers instructional videos around a variety of topics but is most noted for its math related content.   Key features include powerful dashboards and analytics which let instructors and users monitor performance and identify and reinforce needed focus areas.  Khan’s site has about 2 million visitors a month and in total has offered around 54 million individual lessons.  Khan is now drawing attention from many prominent people in the education, technology, non-profit, and social entrepreneurship sections.  Bill Gates said about Salman Khan “I see Sal Khan as a pioneer in an overall movement to use technology to let more and more people learn things,” says Gates. “It’s the start of a revolution.”  Continue Reading »

Wael Ghonim is the remarkable Google Executive in Egypt who was instrumental in organizaing and mobilizing the Egyptian citizenry to demand change and push out Hosni Mubarak from Egypt’s government.

In this speech he made at TED11, he talks about the Egyptian revolution including his specific role. Continue Reading »

In 2004, Franklin Foer penned a book titled How Soccer Explains the World, An Unlikely Theory of Globalization.   When I earlier wrote about my favorite books of the past decade, it earned honorable mention in the globalization category, so certainly a work I hold with high regard.

Foer spent six months traveling to the world’s soccer capitals trying to assess if the growing  internationalization of the game could help explain the rapid globalization of the world’s economy and lifestyle.   Continue Reading »

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