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Working in Silicon Valley for nearly two decades, I’m frequently exposed to the concept of innovation.  Sometimes even overexposed to the point of hype.  But what I’ve learned over the years is that innovation isn’t limited to technology companies, driven by a secret algorithm or framework yielding the next game changing software or hardware product.    Rather, innovation is all around us, perhaps equally generated by accident, or by trial and error, as it is from an organized innovation initiative.   It’s evident in all aspects of my daily life, from cooking, to music, to travel, and theater as well as technology and is globally true.    What I’ve observed though is that the universal factors in the entrepreneurial attitude that creates such innovation are curiosity and perseverance.     Curiosity to investigate multiple options and approaches and the perseverance to keep going when those initial options keep failing and conventional wisdom all around you is saying it won’t work.

As I reflect in my own diverse and seemingly unrelated interests just in the last two months, such innovative spirit is very evident.    Two examples in particular reinforced this to me. (more…)


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As we all know, the Internet is a treasure trove of information- some useful, often useless; frequently educational, unfortunately, repeatedly ignorant.   Pick your favorite pair of opposite meaning adjectives, you can apply it to the information on the Internet.

But the good, educational, information is indeed abundant.  It’s overflowing and the trick is how to filter it, find it, and make time to read it and avoid the useless information.   My approach has evolved, with a current go to model consisting of multiple web and mobile social media and news applications coupled with multi-platform productivity and storage tools.  Here’s how it works. (more…)

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The other night, I was walking in downtown San Francisco after a work event near two other pedestrians, two men probably in their mid twenty’s.   I could overhear parts of their conversation when one of them said, “I hate technology.  I forwarded the email to her, and then she posted it on …….”.   It seemed to be a discussion about singles, dating, and technology and the first thing I thought about was, of course, Aziz Ansari!

On September 7, 2013, I attended a comedy show of acclaimed comedian and Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari at the Victoria Theater in Dayton, Ohio.   The evening started out with a funny bit where Ansari allows the audience to take a picture of him on stage, a practice that had just previously been announced as prohibited.   Ansari wondered why fans were so eager for a picture that would inevitably be blurry and sure enough here’s my requisite blurred photo. (more…)

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In the last 3 and half months, we’ve all had what I call Twitter days.   Glorious Twitter days.   Real life events that spur a frenzy of Twitter activity which just draws and sucks you in for sometimes good and sometimes bad reasons.   Times where you are constantly hitting the refresh button on Twitter to: (more…)

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It just dawned on me the other day that I now have a new search framework for specific topics I want to know more about (information only, not commerce search).  It has become a three pronged approach, and surprisingly Google only plays the primary role in 1 of the 3 steps (more…)

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Iconic Images: What’s the most epic photo ever taken? 75 answers on Quora

What’s the most epic photo ever taken?

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On March 11 2:46 PM local Japan time, the tragic and devastating earthquake hit Japan followed by the even more damaging tsunami about an hour later.   Eight hours later, the fast moving tsunami (Tsunamis travel about 500 miles per hour under water) led to warnings up and down the Northern California coast, including the Bay Area where I live.

In San Francisco, the Japan earthquake hit at 10:46 PM local time on March 10 (sixteen hour time zone difference).   That night, I read about it online via my Twitter feed and also watched some coverage on CNN.   I soon went to sleep as usual with the next morning being a typical work day.  (more…)

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This week, LinkedIn rolled out a new feature called InMaps.   It’s a visual way to show your full Linkedin network and highlight key source concentrations of your network, trace connectors who are bridges to two or more network sources, and see which sources of your Linkedin network may need to be built up.

Below is the image of the map created for my network.  (more…)

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Last week, I attended the Virtual Goods Summit 2010 in San Francisco.   One of the presentations I listened to from Flurry Analytics presented estimates of revenue per visitor (or user) for different sites or platforms.   See below.


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