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Today was the launch of iPad.   Hype, hysteria, and over-hype ensued during the day.  Twitter streams were inundated with tweets mostly glowing about the Ipad, but others expressing frustration with the invasion of Twitterland by iPad.

However, I personally am not yet ready to purchase an iPad, I’m still occupied by the iPhone– still discovering it and delving into new usage models. (more…)


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The NCAA tournament continues this weekend with the Final Four, consisting of Butler, Michigan State, West Virginia, and Duke.   Butler is one of the real stories of this tournament- playing in the Final Four only six miles from their campus in Indianapolis.  The other angle to the Butler story is the presence of the so called Mid-Major in the Final Four.  Every year during the tournament, the talking heads discuss the Cinderella stories of teams like Northern Iowa, St. Mary’s and Cornell and then get into debates whether teams like Xavier, Butler, and Gonzaga are mid-majors or not. (more…)

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