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Earlier, I wrote about the many lists of top moments and events of the decade that just passed (2000-2009) and I joined in on the fun with my list of the top sporting moments of the decade.   Now, inspired by the theme of my blog, I’d like to do my last recap- my favorite books of the decade. These are the books I find myself most often bringing up in conversation and referencing to others and overall have had the most impact on my thinking.

As a reader of this blog may know, my interests center around these primary categories (in no particular order): Globalization, Sports, Thrillers, Technology, Business, fiction about India, non-fiction about India, and Pop Culture. The books I’ve read also fall into those categories and since it’s often difficult to compare such different genres, I’m going to list my favorite it in each category, along with close runner-ups.  Some of these books may have actually been published in the 1990’s, but I didn’t actually read them until the 2000’s. (more…)


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Recently, I watched the much talked about Bollywood movie 3 Idiots, starring Aamir Khan.   This movie has been getting so much acclaim and buzz, that it was showing in one of the AMC Mercado 20 screens mainstream theater in Santa Clara, right next to the mega hit Avatar.   Of course, in the Bay Area, California, it’s not that difficult to attract a large Indian crowd for an Indian hit movie, but it is still very rare that a main stream theater will show a Bollywood movie and that movie would be generating most of their audience for those particular days. (more…)

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Earlier, I wrote about one of my fantasy football teams that was auto-drafted by Yahoo! and my efforts to transform that team into a winning team.  Unfortunately, those efforts didn’t work and that team finished 7 out of 12 teams in the league— (update to that original post is here).   However, the other of my 2 teams that I didn’t write about actually won the championship!  Vandalay Industries took the prize in my 14 team league.  Here’s my view of how it happened—the brilliant moves, good fortune, and simple luck that propelled my team to the championship. (more…)

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