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Working in Silicon Valley for nearly two decades, I’m frequently exposed to the concept of innovation.  Sometimes even overexposed to the point of hype.  But what I’ve learned over the years is that innovation isn’t limited to technology companies, driven by a secret algorithm or framework yielding the next game changing software or hardware product.    Rather, innovation is all around us, perhaps equally generated by accident, or by trial and error, as it is from an organized innovation initiative.   It’s evident in all aspects of my daily life, from cooking, to music, to travel, and theater as well as technology and is globally true.    What I’ve observed though is that the universal factors in the entrepreneurial attitude that creates such innovation are curiosity and perseverance.     Curiosity to investigate multiple options and approaches and the perseverance to keep going when those initial options keep failing and conventional wisdom all around you is saying it won’t work.

As I reflect in my own diverse and seemingly unrelated interests just in the last two months, such innovative spirit is very evident.    Two examples in particular reinforced this to me. (more…)


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A colleague recently shared this creative presentation on what motivates knowledge professionals at the workplace.  Very thought provoking.

My key takeaways (more…)

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Wael Ghonim is the remarkable Google Executive in Egypt who was instrumental in organizaing and mobilizing the Egyptian citizenry to demand change and push out Hosni Mubarak from Egypt’s government.

In this speech he made at TED11, he talks about the Egyptian revolution including his specific role. (more…)

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Guy Kawasaki has had a remarkable career, gaining notoriety first as Chief Evangelist at Apple followed by successful stints as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Given his background as a product visionary, when I had the chance to read his new book Enchantment (subtitled The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions), I suspected it would yield the key to creating enchanting products.   To my delight, it was so much more than that- it was in fact, more of a blueprint to a lead better life, and first and foremost, offer ways to positively change your own heart, mind, and actions. (more…)

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TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. They maintain a must visit website featuring inspired talks from leading thought leaders.   Local TED groups (designated by TEDx) organize and hold their own events following the spirit of TED’s mission.   This past weekend, I had the good fortune to attend TEDxBerkeley’s conference– Engaging the World,  at the UC Berkeley campus.

The list of speakers: (more…)

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Today is Martin Luther King Day here in the US- a federal holiday recognizing this great man.   It’s a great time to reflect and contemplate some of his most inspiring and thought provoking quotes (below). (more…)

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