Every day on my commute to work, I drive past downtown San Francisco, onto the Bay Bridge, and into the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.   Along with the beauty of the San Francisco skyline, the glistening water, the contrast of the old and new Bay Bridge, a must see part of this drive is the shipping cranes of Oakland.  I’ve become fascinated with the large cargo ships, the imposing cranes, the aluminum containers that neatly move from ship to truck, and the unexpected innovation and clockwork efficiency of the global and vast shipping and trucking transportation industry.

To get a closer look, I ventured to  the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, right smack in the middle of the Port of Oakland.   The park has a viewing center to see an operating crane and you can see close up the stacked crates at the port.   Here are some photos from my afternoon at the park Continue Reading »

The America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in sports, dating back to 1851.   It pits the worlds best yachting teams with state of the art catamaran boats.  This year, the America’s Cup finals are being held in my backyard, being held in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area from September 7 to September 21.

I was fortunate enough to spend a day on the bay and experience the America’s cup as a spectator with the best seat in the house.     Continue Reading »

Here in August 2013, it feels like there is unprecedented promotion, clamor, and attention for the English Premier League in the US.  Continue Reading »

A few years back, I made a weekend trip with employees from my company’s India office to Thailand as a reward for meeting company goals.   We went to the resort town of Hua Hin for two days and nights and spent the following day in Bangkok.

This post is way over due, but it was most certainly an enjoyable trip.  Following are pictures and observations from a fun filled Thai weekend. Continue Reading »

In the last 3 and half months, we’ve all had what I call Twitter days.   Glorious Twitter days.   Real life events that spur a frenzy of Twitter activity which just draws and sucks you in for sometimes good and sometimes bad reasons.   Times where you are constantly hitting the refresh button on Twitter to: Continue Reading »

It just dawned on me the other day that I now have a new search framework for specific topics I want to know more about (information only, not commerce search).  It has become a three pronged approach, and surprisingly Google only plays the primary role in 1 of the 3 steps Continue Reading »

After one of their best seasons in recent history which culminated in a surprising NBA playoff run and Western Conference semi-final appearance, the exciting times just keep on rolling for the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco Bay Area’s NBA team.   Continue Reading »

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