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As we all know, the Internet is a treasure trove of information- some useful, often useless; frequently educational, unfortunately, repeatedly ignorant.   Pick your favorite pair of opposite meaning adjectives, you can apply it to the information on the Internet.

But the good, educational, information is indeed abundant.  It’s overflowing and the trick is how to filter it, find it, and make time to read it and avoid the useless information.   My approach has evolved, with a current go to model consisting of multiple web and mobile social media and news applications coupled with multi-platform productivity and storage tools.  Here’s how it works. (more…)


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In the last 3 and half months, we’ve all had what I call Twitter days.   Glorious Twitter days.   Real life events that spur a frenzy of Twitter activity which just draws and sucks you in for sometimes good and sometimes bad reasons.   Times where you are constantly hitting the refresh button on Twitter to: (more…)

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On Friday March 5, the 10 billionth tweet was made by a Twitter user.  An astronomical figure, a sure sign of how Twitter has become a formidable media network.  While there has been lots written about Twitter’s business model and its ability to generate real revenues, the usage model has created interesting implications in many ways, some unintended and surprising.   For me,  two interesting developments of Twitter in my professional life are in the areas of competitive intelligence, investor relations, legal compliance and public relations. (more…)

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