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After the revelation of steroid use by Alex Rodriguez,   I wrote about why it made perfect sense to me that the majority of  baseball players would take steroids (in the posting — Steroids and Game Theory, also re-posted at Draft MVP.)   But the next discussion I’d like to have is about the phrase ‘performance enhancing’, while leaving out the word ‘drugs’.    Many of the same reasons that players would risk their health for steroids apply to the use of elective Tommy John surgery or laser eye surgery solely to improve performance.   While not illegal, these procedures should create similar concerns as steroid use.    However, there hasn’t been much public discussion against these measures, yet there is potentially similar long-term health risks. (more…)


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Steroids, Steroids, Steroids…. Why 50% of Major League Baseball Players must have been on Steroids in the early 2000’s

The recent revelation that baseball superstars Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids or other banned substances has rocked the sports world and reignited the seemingly never ending steroid saga. But really, should anyone be surprised.

The late Ken Caminiti admitted in a Sports Illustrated story that he had used steroids during his 1996 MVP season and had indicated he doesn’t regret using them to get ahead. He further said, “It’s no secret what’s going on in baseball. (more…)

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