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Earlier, I wrote about my experiences using public transportation from the Peninsula to downtown San Francisco, including my Caltrain ride each morning.   My Caltrain ride is usually on an express train line, which has 3-4 stops before reaching the city in about 30 minutes, or occasionally, a later, all stops line that takes 45 minutes.

Now, among all of the 10 stops between, Hillsdale and the end of the line in San Francisco, there is only 1 stop (South San Francisco) where passengers upon departing the train, will have to cross the tracks to reach the platform.

From where I’m sitting on the train at that stop, I’ve noticed that there are some differences in how various people approach those tracks:

  1. Some people will step on the tracks to propel themselves to the platform.
  2. Others will step over the tracks and then step on to the platform. (more…)

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