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I recently took a new job working directly in the city of San Francisco, within the Financial District to be exact.   Living in the peninsula 20+ miles away, I’m now taking public transportation to work for about 45 minutes (one way).  Compared to the last 10 years of driving, commuting on the train offers a completely different dimension to the day.  Furthermore, for a guy like me who loves to observe what’s around me, public transportation is a very fruitful environment for observation.    Without further adieu, here are my observations, tips, and lesson’s from a month’s worth of public transportation on the Caltrain, the Muni Light Rail, and occasionally the BART.  The observations will be listed in the following categories: Observations,  Lessons, Tips and Suggestions, Phones & Technology, and Differences between the BART, Muni, and Caltrain. (more…)


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