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The sudden passing of Michael Jackson this week has stirred up emotions and retrospectives around the world.   There is no question that the impact of his music has been profound on young and old, of all races, globally.   Arguably, that impact can’t be matched by any other entertainer during the last 40 years.  A truly global icon has left us—Princess Diana, John Lennon, Elvis Presley would be the other individuals with similar impact in my life-time.   A clear demonstration on the type of legacy great music can leave and how music gets permanently embedded in our minds.  While life seems to move by so quickly these days, the remembrance of Thriller, Beat It and Bad makes it feel like yesterday.   While the coverage has been widespread in the media and focuses on both the good and the bad associated with Michael Jackson, I’m struck by some specific aspects of Michael’s passing—the involvement of social media in the remembrance of Michael Jackson and his global appeal. (more…)


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