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March Madness is here and that means bracket time.  While I’ve religiously filled out NCAA tournament brackets for many years, the last 3 years I’ve also participated in an NCAA auction.   A different and fun way to enjoy the madness.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You get 8 people who physically are together who each have to purchase 8 teams from the 64 team field from an agreed upon fixed budget– basically the entry fee to the auction; in this example, entry fee is $25.   So, all 64 slots in the tournament (the 64th through the 68th play in teams, the individual teams wouldn’t be purchased, you could have Winner of the match as the slot to be purchased) will be purchased.
  2. The teams are purchased in an auction style starting with the overall #1 seed and ending up with #64.  This follows the “S” curve to determine the order among teams with the same seeding. (more…)

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