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Recently, there has been lots of coverage and discussion about netbooks.  Netbooks have been flying off the shelves, along with iPhones- perhaps the only consumer computing or communications device that is actually selling well.   It seems that everyone in the carrier, software, computer, and internet space is excited about netbooks.  But at a price point of less than $300, can everyone really be happy and make money?   Here are some recent news stories from a few of the major players.

Google- Google announced this week plans for a Google Chrome based Operating System to be targeted to Netbooks.   This is on top of previous plans to have Google Android based Netbooks available, a few of which are already available (Skytone (China based company) Alpha-680 Google Android Netbook).   Clearly, Google is targeting netbooks from multiple angles and ultimately wants to get more users on the Internet using non-Microsoft based devices and software to eventually view and click on Google based advertisements. (more…)

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