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The Facebook news feed has become an essential component of many people’s daily online activities—a key element to the social media experience.   Through the news feed, people now know more about their friends and co-workers lives than ever before.  For example, many people may have only really known about a colleague before Facebook through their professional persona and superficially about some of their hobbies.  Now, through Facebook, they may see that they travel often to exotic places, or have children with numerous after-school activities, or participate in impressive feats like marathons or triathlons.  Or on the flip side, they may find out that these colleagues’ lives outside of work look and feel remarkably like their own.   In either case, Facebook has created more awareness of the details of the lives of many of the people in one’s professional and personal network. (more…)


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Over the last couple of years, I’ve become a regular user of Facebook and have connected and reconnected with friends and current and former colleagues and classmates.  However, just in the past 3-4 months, I’ve seen high school classmate activity increase, receiving requests from high school classmates that I haven’t been in touch with since the day I left high school years ago.   I’ve also noticed actual high school alumni groups formed in Facebook for many high school classes ranging from the 1970’s to recent graduating classes in 2008.

This made me think that naturally, high school reunion attendance would likely be at possibly all time highs across the US.   Recent Facebook demographic data from Ignite Social Media suggests:


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