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As I indicated in my earlier posting, my next series of postings will focus on observations of India during my recent visit in December 08/January 09.     Again, these comments are based solely on my observations visiting cities and observing middle class life  in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.   My last trip to India was 6 years ago and my comments generally focus on changes I noticed during the last six years, from the lens of a non-resident Indian born and raised in the US who has visited India generally every 5-6 years.   The first set of observations revolve around economic changes or conditions in the cities I visited.


Most have read about the continued economic growth in India over the past several years, but seeing it first hand really drives it home.   Observations are related to the noticeable growth but also some slowdowns to that growth that have hit India and the world during the past year.


  • In Hyderabad, I stayed in an 8 floor building of flats near Banjara Hills built in 2004.  Nearly, the whole area of flats has been built in the past several years. (more…)

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I just completed a 3 week trip to India in December 2008/January 2009, visiting cities in two states- Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Born and raised in the United States to Indian parents, I haven’t lived in India but have visited parts of India generally every 5-6 years. Trips to India where I was at an impressionable age were in 1984, 1990, 1993, 2002, and 2008. Significant change has occurred since my last visit 6 years ago and this note documents some of my observations and reflections about changes or general characteristics of modern day India in the cities I visited. To me, it was a fascinating trip—intellectually stimulating to think about how India will continue to adapt to the economic growth that has unfolded in the country over the last several years (often in urban areas) while simultaneously dealing with the needs of more rural areas and those that make their living off of the soil (2/3 of India), all within the context of the largest democracy in the world with a population consisting of many different religions, languages, and customs. And to add to the complexity, India now has to deal with a slowing economy after getting accustomed to the growth over the last several years.

This past trip I visited the following cities in Andhra Pradesh: Hyderabad (population 7 million), Guntur (population of ~ 800 thousand), Vijayvada (population of near 2 million). (more…)

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