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One of my first attempts at writing was a post titled the Power of the Head Wiggle after I returned from a trip to India in early 2009.  I first posted it as a note on Facebook and received favorable feedback from my friends and contacts.   After I started my blog, I soon re-posted the write-up on this blog.  It has by far been the most popular post I’ve made.  Most noticeably, it had been cited as a reference on Wikipedia under the term Head Bobble.   It has also been cited in other people’s blog post such as Mind Your Decisions.

This week, I shared my story of the Indian Head Wiggle on the Canadian Broadcast Center (the Canadian equivalent of NPR) program Definitely not the Opera (a program like NPR’s program This American Life).   (more…)

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A couple of weeks ago, I made it up to the great Pacific Northwest for a quick weekend summer trip, coinciding with perfect summer Portland weather.  Ten years ago, I lived in Portland for a year and after I moved to California,  I often traveled to the suburbs of Portland for business reasons.  Having the experience of actually living there, I had overlooked what a great tourist destination site Portland is.  It offers a clean, uncrowded  urban experience, the ability to immerse yourself in legendary floral, forest, and garden environments, and the opportunity to enjoy some of the most aesthetically beautiful waterfalls, stream and river scenes, and mountain views. (more…)

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I just returned from a trip to New York City and had an opportunity to make it to Central Park for the second time in 3 months.   These visits to Central Park reminded me how much I enjoy urban parks- they add real character to the great urban centers of the world.   This has inspired a list—my favorite urban parks that I’ve been to and the reasons why…..

1. Hyde Park- London, England (more…)

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Recently when I was in Hong Kong, I found out about a train that goes underwater from Hong Kong island to Kowloon peninsula. Likewise, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) has a popular commuting train option that goes from San Francisco to Oakland through a tunnel placed under the bay—a distance of 6 miles when including the approaches from each station. Having lived in the Bay Area the last 9 years, surprisingly, I have never taken that train ride and for that matter, never taken a train trip through an underwater tunnel any where in the world. I’ve been wondering 2 things about these trains—1) what does it feel like to be on a train underwater and 2) how do they build such tunnels underwater in the first place.

This weekend I took my first BART ride from Oakland to San Francisco. I also discovered the way the BART tunnel was built and in general, the different methods of building underwater tunnels. (more…)

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In a previous posting, I wrote about my observations of China from my one week stay in Beijing.   Earlier in the year, I visited India after six years, spending time in Hyderabad and Kerala—you can read my observations from that trip here (or click on the links to the side under the heading India Trip Observations).    During my stay in China, I found that 1) my pre-conceived notions of what I expected China to be often was based on my experiences in India and 2) internally, I would often compare my China observations to my India observations for a particular attribute.    The reason for this is based on the parallels of significant growth that China and India have been both experiencing over the last decade, the wide media coverage of both of these countries which often compares them to each other, as well as their common status as the most populous countries in the world.

Given that, here are my armchair comparisons of India and China in a few areas and more specifically Hyderabad (population approximately 4 million and Beijing (population approximately 12 million (metro) , (more…)

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Earlier I wrote about my one day stay in Hong Kong.    Upon leaving Hong Kong,  I went to Beijing, my first ever visit to China.   I stayed there for a week, working with my company’s Beijing office team.    Below is a chronicle of my experiences and observations of my trip categorized by the following topics:

  • Itinerary
  • First Impressions
  • Infrastructure
  • People
  • Lifestyle
  • Cuisine
  • Local mannerisms (more…)

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I just completed a business trip to China (my travelogue is posted here) and on the way, had a one day stop in Hong Kong.  My first trip to Hong Kong, obviously a day wouldn’t be enough but it’s all I had.  I arrived at 6 AM in the morning on a Saturday and left the next morning on Sunday at 6 AM.   Here’s what I did in those 24 hours and my observations of Hong Kong.


I chose a hotel in the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, which happened to be right on the harbor.  (more…)

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