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What does the former # 2 United Nations official recommend as the top action to help developing countries?

I picked up Time Magazine this weekend and came across the article  “A Glimmer of Hope in Africa”.    While it talks about some of the improvements in Congo, the first paragraph of the article lays out some of the common problems in emerging countries such as Congo:

A region with great natural wealth, riven by war, racked with hunger and traumatized by a long history of colonial abuse, postcolonial kleptocracy and plunder. In the past 10 years alone, millions have died here, and more die each day as a result of the conflict.  Most die not from war wounds but from starvation or disease.  A lack of infrastructure means there is little medical care in the cities and none in rural communities, so any infection can be a death sentence.  The most vulnerable suffer the worst.  One in five children in Congo will die before reaching the age of 5″

That paragraph mentions lack of infrastructure, widespread disease, starvation, high infant mortality rates, tribal wars, lack of medical care in rural areas.  (more…)


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